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The Essential
Deck Building Tool

Simplify your workflow, increase efficiency

How it works

Select a Deck is an interactive deck configurator branded to your business where your clients can choose a deck size that fits their needs and finishes that fit their taste, directly from your website.
How it works

Simplify Your Workflow
and Increase Efficiency

Why it works

The Benefits of

• No site visit
• No design time, less sales effort
• Automated client communication
• Automated proposals and takeoffs
• Pre-Designed plan sets

Your Client:
• No site visit to schedule
• Simple designs options with visual aids
• Flexibility to choose at their own pace

• Increased efficiency by design
• Less wasted product
• Ability to pre-fabricate parts off site
• Less skilled labor needed due to simplicity

Your Client:
• Unbeatable build costs
• Cheap plan sets
• Free designs with flexible finish options

Complete Product Selection from


The average Savings on one Deck pays for your Annual Subscription

SAVE $300






One-time setup FREE
with yearly subscription


(Requires Subscription)



/per deck

Full itemized material list based on your submission.



/per project

Full plan sets include elevations, deck and rail plan, framing and foundation plans as well as all applicable details and hardware connections.

* Our optional services are only available to our customers that already uses our configurator

Real Results from
Satisfied Deck Builders


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your common Questions.
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